Better off Ted, Heavy Plate Problems

“As head of research and development at soulless conglomerate Veridian Dynamics, conflicted single father Ted attempts to balance his personal code of ethics with each of his immoral assignments, like freezing co-workers or weaponizing pumpkins.” In this episode Ted nixes a project for an indestructible plate that is first to heavy and then later bursts into flame on impact. So witty is the script. So witty. You must love plate humour.


“How much does this weigh? (9 pounds 4 ounes). Guys, it doesn’t have to take a bullet. What kind of dinner parties do you go to? Make a lighter plate.”

Review: So Many Books So Little time (Deadwood)

Ghost RidersLast year on an unassuming lovely summer morn basking in the dewy dawn with a book in hand I realized I will die with books on my book list- on my bookshelves- not yet read. I realized I needed to get my act together and stop reading all willy nilly like, especially with a mediocre novel on a splendid summer morn when it could be a superb novel on a splendid summer morn. Time was a wasting. So many books, so little time. Today on a Sunday summers eve I got a surprise visit from my boss and some renegade library items not delivered to me for my last tower service (I spot fires from a tower off the grid in the forest and thus get food and mail and books helicoptered out to be once a month. Side note tower would be the perfect mold making hiatus. Next year. Next year.). Amongst these items is a copy of JPod by Douglas Coupland a book on said list also in the delivery was the third season of Deadwood…. decisions decisions. I really ought to ignore both and pick up a ceramic book. You see, I moved my collection of ceramic books here to tower in hopes of focusing and perusing and completing. Thus far only perusing has been done. This is a problem. When one takes what is normally an enjoyable activity and puts a deadline on it. The once hopeful spark creates no prolonged flame and the joy becomes a task and so it is lost in the druthers of the day. So on this Sunday Summer Eve I implore you tell me your trick! I am forever scheduling this and that and tricking myself into re-enjoying a task. (This little ramble scratches the surface of the real conundrum potters face: regimenting a loved activity for business and the intention of profit).

Now I am wasting time.

I am going to go watch Deadwood.

There are bound to be some ceramic jugs spattered on the set. Those more classy pioneers sure depended on a good porcelain wash basin.

You must stray from the book list now and then for you may be missing a gem. Something influential and out of your norm. For we must get out of our normalities (yes, I just made that word up).

Lessons can be learnt anywhere, including a hokey drama HBO Western. Actually, the series ties in nicely with a superb book I the history of North American nomadism in relation to modern day nomadism- Ghost Rider. A very good read for settlers and travelers alike. Read it to understand the Western obsession with a romanticized notion freedom.

Time can never be wasted.

Techno-ology: T.V.


It was certainly quite the invention: TV.  I was thinking about radio and old radio sets. Reckoning that I ought to source some old family radio programs. You know the acts and stories just played out by sound effects over the waves, the small children around the radio in pajamas as Billy Jo discovers the west- that sort of programming. Then my brain wandered to the next generation when the family would sit down to The Wonderful World of Disney and than the Ed Sullivan Show. I was thinking about how these experience shaped us individuals and as a culture. Oh the TV dinner. Oh TV trays. There are huge sectors of design connected to TV and radio, and craft indeed.

On a side note, I have always wanted a TV as a fish tank.. and my own TV was quickly turned into an art installation when I turned 15. It was the TV I got for Christmas when I was 12 a giant beast that Santa got from a hotel going out of business, not that growing up we had more than two channels. Oh the joys of PBS. There is something about the evolution on the actual form of a TV that intrigues me. I might have to do something with this in the future.

Have you ever been to the section in one of those museums in Quebec dedicated to French Cinema?

Review: The Brady Bunch Esthetic

In a family of eight, someone is always hungry. I spent my 24th Birthday cooking up a storm and having a Brady Bunch marathon. If only it had dawned on me earlier to be taking stills of all the superb retro crockery! This is just a reminder that ceramics is everywhere, sometimes we’ve just got to open our eyes. It inundates our lives! You can’t very well escape it, you’ve got to eat. The Brady Bunch proves just how ritualistic sharing food is, how important it is to family life and relationships. It is just better where you get together and food is involved. I’ve had many a night bonding with roommates over a glass of wine after a long day, brought many a casserole to potlucks, met neighbours with a home-baked pie, showed up with cookies of sympathy. Food says a lot. I’ve been in one to many travel situations where ravenous people get irksome and rash (don’t drive when hungry!).  Food is important. And food must be contained, stored, presented. Take a look at the set next time you’re watching a film, look in any magazine in the grocery line. Pottery is everywhere!

The Review: Surfing the Menu

I have borrowed season 3 of Surfing the Menu from one of the many public libraries in Canberra.

I watched them all in one sitting and dreamed about travel and cooking.  My mom visited me here in Oz a month back and laughed saying that my tastes have sure changed- I had to remind her that I wasn’t ten anymore. Then realized that I have based my entire profession around meal time! No wonder I love to cook as much as I loving making dishes to eat off of. Oddly enough travel fits into the whole gambit. ex) I am now living in Australia. Needless to say this series is worth a watch (Cute Aussie Chefs touring around Oz teaching you about the cuisine in wetsuits!).