BPP Mugs at Oso Negro!

I am so happy to be the featured artist at Oso Negro in Nelson BC for the month of November. They have a wonderful “mug wall”  featuring a different potter every month (potters sign up for a space up to two years in advance for it!). Oso is my favourite cafe in my hometown. My parents invested in an industrial espresso maker many years ago and so began my love of oso coffee. Later as an adult two glorious years I attended Kootenay School of the Arts for ceramics a mere ally walk away from the cafe and so our “coffee breaks” were justified and splendid at that. Check it!Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.59.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.49.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.58.53 PM

Those sprout sandwiches make my mouth water!

Check out the line up!

Putting the final touches on the booth and getting pots out of the kiln for tomorrow!

Check out the fabulous line up:
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.20.06 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.20.20 PM

My fave Hali Cerm Artists will be there too!
Miss Kara Highfield, Rachel de Condé Ceramics, Therese Bombardier, Bethany Rb (Bread and Butter Pottery) and Jenny Morton (Morton Ceramics) are not to be missed!


The Halifax Crafters Christmas Market

CRAFTERS POSTER winter20138.5x11 2

I’ve been a busy little bee.

Working just for thee.

Come and see what there is to see…

(akhem, super swank pots!) at the Halifax Crafters Market this weekend!

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(P.S. You can follow me on instagram @bpracticalpottery to see allll the lovely making.)