Opportunity/Exhibition: Change

Ideas For CHANGE Contest

Have a good idea to address climate change that just needs a little money? Or maybe a favourite related non-profit organization that you’d like to collect a little money for? Then check out the “Ideas for Change” contest being held within the CHANGE exhibit (Sept 3 – Nov 20) at Touchstones Nelson!

Registration Deadline: register in person at Touchstones Nelson by Wednesday, Aug. 24, 5pm (late entries may be accommodated, space and time permitting)

Come Install Your Display: Tuesday, Aug. 30, 10:30am – 6pm (spaces are first come, first served!)

To learn more drop by Touchstones Nelson to register or pick up a copy of the contest guidelines, email Rod Taylor directly rod@touchstonesnelson.ca or visit our Facebook page.

Visit the Ideas for Change blog at: http://change.inthekoots.com/ to get information about the “ideas for CHANGE” contest, read a brief description of the exhibit itself as well as posts throughout the exhibit on subjects relating to climate change.

Playlist: Musical Wednesdays

I am so excited for all the Wednesdays to come. You see I’ll be hosting the show Mangoland on Kootenay Co-op Radio every Wed. at 10pm for the next season. I am taking over for the lovely and talented Ira and Margret-Ann. Ira made this poster. What do you think? Any suggestions for a new tag line?

You can stream in live from http://kootenaycoopradio.com/ or tune in live in the Kootenays on 93.5FM. I am so excited for making perfect sets that start low and build high then bring it down again. shaping with music. Yes! Any suggestions or wants? Send em’ my way.

Exhibition Review: Doukhobor Textiles

I set out to review the exhibition Max Liboiron: Trashscapes and Rubbish Topographies (see below) and found a link of virtual exhibitions at Touchstones Gallery in Nelson B.C. The exhibition Doukhobor Textiles caught my eye.  I love old  hearty textiles. The Doukhobors brought with them to this area great food (borsht and pirogies!!), great skill and great ideals and it is great to see their crafts being paid homage to, as it is well deserved. In these virtual exhibitions you are able to turn around the whole exhibition as it was in super entertaining and effective manner (like the screen shots above). So do peruse.

I ventured to Touchstones two weeks ago and found the exhibition Max Liboiron: Trashscapes and Rubbish Topographies charming and alarming. She has created landscapes from teabags and cardboard, created a miniature world that stages a space for reflection upon our very consumptions society. Don’t go in there thinking of some cheesy miniature wonder world like enMax Liboiron, New York Trash Exchange, mixed media trash, 2010 — photo by Max Liboiron.vironment, because that is not what it is.  It is rather, a show of how we are giants in our ways. You feel as if you could easily trample the landscape below and around you and it jars you into thinking how delicate nature can be and simultaneously sturdy. The show runs until April 10 so you have plenty of time to get to the Gallery, and I suggest you do so! If you’d rather just read some neat things about the exhibition, check out… The Nelson Star or the Nelson Daily!

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