Opportunity: Across The Table

NCECA celebrates 50 years of clay, learning and connection in 2016. To foster a sense of community and show links to how our members connect people and ceramics, on this occasion, we have invited Michael Strand and Namita Wiggers to createAcross the Table, Across the Land. Because we also set a gorgeous table in this community, food and the table serve as a link to bring it all together.  NCECA feels that the table is a literal space – and an idea – and we want to hear your stories.

To do this, the curators have developed a web app to make it easy to research how NCECA connects Across the Table and Across the Land.

NCECA is calling on you to participate by sharing projects or taking on the K12 Challenge. We invite responses in the form of your images and your words. This is a collection of your stories. All materials entered into the Across the Table web app become part of this celebratory project.
Michael and Namita are developing this online archive to document what NCECA members are working on right now. From this archive, our guest curators will create an exhibition for the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri in conjunction with Makers, Mentors and Milestones, the March 2016 NCECA Conference.

Visit app.ncecaacrossthetable.com/about/ for more information about this project.

Here’s a link to download the webapp http://app.ncecaacrossthetable.com/get-started/

Want more information and background on the project?
(***this is well worth the read!)
Download the Field Guide at http://app.ncecaacrossthetable.com/field-guide/

Ready to share your story? Upload your project on the web-app here http://app.ncecaacrossthetable.com/project-submission/. Look for the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen to add your contributions.

Want to get your K-12 school and students involved? Download the student/parent permission form and Potluck: A Portrait of School Communities through Clay and Food to help guide your lesson plans and teaching.

Questions? Email Michael and Namita at ncecaacrossthetable@gmail.com

Opportunity: NCECA Student Exhibition

2015 National Student Juried Exhibition

THEME: Lively Experiments
DEADLINE: September 24, 2014

The 49th Annual NCECA Conference, Lively Experiments, will be held in Providence, Rhode Island at the Rhode Island Convention Center, March 25-28, 2015. In conjunction with the conference, Rhode Island School of Design will host the 2015 NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition in the Sol Koffler Gallery and foyer, March 21 – April 9, 2015. Awards will juried after the work is installed. There will be an awards reception hosted Thursday evening, March 26, 2015.

  • Artist statement (less than 200 words – Do not include artist name in statement.)
  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Graduate, or Post-baccalaureate
  • School Name, Professor Name, Professor Phone, Professor E-mail
  • All images must be accompanied with the following information:
  • Title
  • Description – Clay body, decorating and firing methods
  • Photographic Credit (if artist, type in ARTIST)
  • Sale Status – For Sale or Not For sale
  • Image #s – Image 1, Image 1 detail = piece 1 w/detail.
  • Image 2, Image 2 detail = piece 2 w detail
  • Retail Price (includes the 30% commission)
  • Dimensions (inches) H x W x D
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Date of completion
  • Insurance Price (retail minus 30% commission)
  • Special installation instructions (if necessary)


Opportunity: 2015 NCECA BIENNIAL


TOMORROW – JULY 1, 2014 Midnight Pacific time is the DEADLINE to apply for the 2015 NCECA BIENNIAL 

The final hours are counting down to submit your application for the 2015 NCECA Biennial!

Our esteemed jurors Linda Christianson, Anders Ruhwald and Jo-Ann Conklin are looking forward to seeing your work and putting together a thoughtful and compelling exhibition for Lively Experiments in Providence, Rhode Island.

The NCECA Biennial is a premier international juried ceramics exhibition. Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery will host the 2015 NCECA Biennial in conjunction with Lively Experiments, the 49th Annual NCECA Conference in Providence, Rhode Island (March 25-28, 2015). The exhibition will run January 24 – March 29, 2015.

In an exciting new development, NCECA is pleased to announce that up to $8000 in purchase awards will be made through the exhibition in cooperation with the Ceramic Research Center, ASU Art Museum at Arizona State University. Acquisitions made through these awards will be housed along with a portion of the NCECA collection at the Ceramic Research Center, making the works more accessible to audiences and scholarship in the field.





While you’re thinking about it, if  you’re a student in the states consider the student juried expo: http://nceca.net/nceca-calls-and-exhibitions/2015-national-student-juried-exhibition/

Day 2.

Day two at NCECA was more relaxed than the world wind of shows that was yesterday. I did however today witness a show that stopped me in my tracks and will indeed inspire an essay and foray in the ceramic ability to comment on our lavish and ill-fated food systems in an intimate and beautiful manner. The show, Dirk Staschke: Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying, drew inspiration from my most beloved painting and history references of the abundance and waste dichotomy. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Not only did the Bellevue Art Museum boast the beauty above but also two three other superb shows. Check it out: