Opportunity: Studios at the Hive!


Hive studios available NOW!

STUDIOS AT THE HIVE HAVE ADVANTAGES. We have conveniences like a gallery for exhibitions, two large washing sinks, kitchen, opportunities to teach in our classroom, a shared laptop computer, and a camera to use for documenting your work, just to name a few!

The Hive Artists’ Hub continues to provide safe affordable studio space to artists, designers, musicians, and other creatives. Get out of your basement and off your dining room table to join us. Our studios are great for single artists or for sharing with a friend. Our space provides excellent opportunity in a creative environment with fellow artists who provide support and encouragement.

We currently have these studio spaces available:

Studio A:
Measures 87.5 square feet, has four walls with a door and window leading into the main corridor and a window into an adjoining studio (Studio B), ceramic tile floor.
Rent for this space is  $126 per month plus $25 contingency fee per person.

Studio D:
Measures 113.5 square feet, has three walls and one partial wall, built in shelving, wood laminate floor.
Rent for this space is $164 per month plus $25 contingency fee per person.

Studio H:
Measures 98.4 square feet,  has three walls, modern wallpaper, window, white laminate floor
Rent for this space is $142 per month plus $25 contingency fee per person

Call 403-504-5371 or contact info@hivehub.ca


Exhibition: Arborglyphs, The Hive

I have always had a thing for trees. I love trees. I am a tree huger.  I made a series of cups with Alberta trees in silhouette upon their surface and random geometric forms, while at MMAQ. I must make more. On the bottom of each is the latin name of each tree so that when you drink out of it in a public place you are slowly educating the world!







Galleries of Canada: Esplanade and The Hive

Medicine boasts quite the scene. On our cross Canada gallery tour we spent the entire day in the Hat wandering and looking. For a small town culture is brimming and bustling around every corner. The Hive, pictured below, is a new initiative to feature and aid artists of the area. With a gallery space and studios right down town they facilitate the discussion of art right downtown.

The Hive’s Mission:

The Hive Artists Hub is a co-operative educational environment in which visual artists and artisans can explore business opportunities that will enable them to successfully operate self-sustaining businesses.


To attract visual artists from a variety of media to share a downtown location which will act as an incubator for creative, professional and marketing ideas. Artists are provided with subsidized studio space, retail/gallery storefront and professional development opportunities.


Medicine Hat is also home to the Esplanade Arts & Hertiage Center, a huge and vinrant place, pictured above. With two large contemperary galleries constantly displaying roatating exhibitions and a permanent hertiage collection I could have simply stayed here all day long. But, Elyse and I were burning daylight and had to leave only after 45mins. Go to Medicine Hat! There are so many opportunities is this small town!

Review: Pottery in Alberta, the long tradition

Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition is a comprehensive book about Alberta’s role in Canadian ceramic production when sewer pipes were giant salt fired ceramic tubes, Mom’s pickled cucumbers in 18 gallon stoneware crocks and Grams used a porcelain bed pan. When ceramics in Canada meant daily items not imported from the East, not the art we think of when considering contemporary Canadian ceramics but, something perhaps more vital. This book is a good read or a good browse. I periodically checked it out from the library for two years before nabbing my own copy. I, as you may know, love industrial stories of yesteryear and the images that accompany them. So I’ve included some gems from the book below. You can also view the inside of Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition here.

View the inside of Pottery in Alberta: The Long Tradition here.

Galleries of Canada: Medicine Hat, Alberta (Part 1)

To speak of Medicine Hat is to speak about ceramics. It is the mini mecca our Canadian pottery manufacturing past and now a melting pot of contemporary ceramics. It is the site of Medalta: Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic Site. Complete with museum (under renovation, with the first prototype for a constantly firing circle kiln under excavation!), small commercial studio making pieces for the, gift shop and a newly built bright and spacious studio for residencies. I have shamelessly been to Medalta four times, dragging some good sport each time. Medalta has adult and children’s classes and tours. They are all about the education and the place is brimming with history. There is an online gallery you can browse here with countless stories and images,  and three real ones on site! The A. T. (Tony) Schlachter Collection, and two contemporary art galleries. Have I mentioned that I love Medalta yet? And it is just the beginning of Medicine Hat! Here are some pictures to convince you:









Basically the field of ceramics in Canada is lucky to have a expaning and well managed place like Medlata. Out on the West here, there are few public institutions that are doing what Medalta is beginging to, it just gets better with every year and every visit!