MFA Thesis Exhibition: Foodscapes

Foodscapes, Front

Join me for “Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth” at UF University Gallery March 14-24.

Opening Reception: Thursday March 16, 5:30 -7:30 PM
Artist Talk: Friday March 17, 12-1 PM

This thesis presents gardening, picking food and eating as enjoyable steps towards the reclamation of the food system.

Participants will select and harvest food from the tile based vertical garden with my aid. We will then prepare the items together at the preparation station, talking about the food before us and food in general. Lastly, the participant will choose a plate and sit to dine. These steps are such as to implicate the viewer in a seasonal garden landscape, the labour and bodily engagement of cooking, and a community connection in eating.

Plants, soils and seeds have been dug up from UF Organic Garden Co-OPField and Fork Farm and Gardens ,Swallowtail FarmAlachua County Feed & Seed and my home garden.


Foodscapes Back


Studio: Talk w/ Bethany

the roots, 2011

plastic laminated wood shelf; plastic pipe fittings, plastic “Darth Vader” figure; wood figurine; wood root; rubber dog chew
43 x 134-3/4 x 20 in. (109.2 x 342.3 x 50.8 cm)

the roots_2011_2_lg

Untitled (emergency sign, shot glasses, dog chews), 2009
plastic laminated wood shelf; plastic emergency sign;  shot glasses; 2 rubber dog chews
49-1/2 x 87-1/2 x 27 in. (125.7 x 222.3 x 68.6 cm)

Plastic laminated wood shelf; plastic emergency sign; 2 glass and metal shot glasses; 2 rubber dog chews 125,7 x 222,3 x 68,6 cm


Untitled (bird, nesting dolls, vase), 2006
MDF shelf; ceramic bird; wooden nesting dolls; Korean ceramic vase
11-3/4 x 33 x 10-1/2 in. (30 x 84 x 27 cm)




Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 5.02.12 PM

Foodie: Tastes like summer.



It is such a joy to eat from the garden. I have built five gardens over the last four years out here and experimented with compost ala anthill, muskeg layers and full on timber bases. This has been the most bountiful year yet thanks to soil blocks, decent rain (no running water here at tower just what mother nature pelts on the roof) and the lack of snow on June 1st. I take my gardens for granted, so many are windowsill bound renters and city dwellers. If you are such here is a before an after picture to quench your thirst. Keep in mind you’ve got farmers markets- something I long for. I love my gardens! Yum.


Issue: Seedy Sunday

I couldn’t sleep last night and so was going through my  West Coast Seed catalog putting satisfying big x’s next to the seeds I plan to buy from Ellison’s today…. Bush beans and sweet peas, heritage tiger beets and mesclun greens. If only was actually here this Sunday for the Eco-Societies Seedy Sunday! Please go and tell me all about it!