Exhibition: The Intimate Object

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It is time for the Charlie Cummings Gallery  annual exhibition Cup: The Intimate Object  and for the first time in years the exhibition is both online and has a physical setting in Gainesville Florida at Charlie’s new Gallery. Those fortunate enough to attend the opening had first choice of over 1000 cups to purchase and experience by hand. Now all the cups are online for you to peruse. The sheer variety of talent is staggering. A cup can be so much. Take a look:

Exhibition: By Example, opening the same night as Art Walk

Remember to catch the current show while you can!

There are some lovely ceramic pieces there.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.42.13 AMSeptember 26 – October 24, 2014

Artwalk Reception: Friday, September 26, 7pm-10pm 
Gallery talk by carver Eric Saunders: Friday, September 26, 8:30pm

4Most Gallery presents a vibrant selection of works from the personal collection of Hector Puig. The exhibit features works linked by the relationship of the makers, many of whom learned their skill, style, or aesthetic from a teacher or mentor included in the exhibit.

Works by * Hiram Williams * Norman Jensen * William Schaaf * Arnold Mesches * Kymia Nawabi * John Ward * Daniel Stepp * Elle Grey * Leonard Kesl * Cristopher Morales * Genaro Ramos * Abigail Brading * Kenneth Kerslake * Todd Walker * Jerry Uelsmann * Emanuel Torres * Robert Skelley * Roberto Tirado *

Santo Carvers * Eric Saunders * Orlando Luque * Jose Peña Burgos * Gloria Lopez Estrella * Efrain Torres Camacho * Xavier Colon Marrero *

* Carvers/Santeros will be present at 4Most during the opening reception on Friday, September 26, 2014, to speak, meet visitors, and demonstrate carving techniques; they will also have pieces for sale!

Join us at 8:30pm for the gallery talk by carver Eric Saunders at 4Most Gallery.

4Most Gallery & Studio’s fall hours are:
Tuesday & Thursday 1pm – 4pm
or by appointment

Question: 4&5) Answering a Question a day for the BCPG Retail Jury!


4) Please indicate whether the designs are original or significant adaptations of traditional or commercially available designs. Works that are reproductions of traditional designs are permitted with the understanding that a much higher emphasis will be placed on the technical execution of these works.

All forms and slip motifs are of my own creation derived from a lifetime of observation and experimentation. I recognize and consider traditional thrown functional wares to an homage to all those of the past- a mug is a mug, handle and floor and lip not withstanding and so draws on eons of functional ceramic heritage. I feel this is the great strength of ceramics and so appreciate the similarities of archetypal form and decoration that has crept through the ages and is referenced on my wares. The pots in “Everyday Ungulates” with ungulates on them have been specifically selected for old Alberta Forestry educational pamphlets. Ungulates in many ways are a symbol of the Canadian wilderness- that which I inhabit when working for Alberta Forestry five months of the year. The Canadian Wilderness is used to define every Canadian as so it is this connection to animal and land I am referencing in conjunction with these vessel. It is a subtle reminder of our connection to food and culture with every meal we eat.

5) Understanding that you may not be familiar with all the artists currently represented in the Gallery of BC Ceramics, please indicate how you feel your work will be a beneficial addition to the Galley with an emphasis on differences from others currently in the Gallery, diversity of product within the range submitted and ability to maintain sufficient supply. 

My pots are the apex of all my past experiences and in so uniquely mine. Every decision made and resulting tweak is thought out- the messy edge left, the finger smudge, the blatant brush stroke. In this mark of the maker alone my individual human experience is imprinted on the pot and as thought out and accepting I am of these eccentricities much more of my personality is intrinsically projected by the pots.