Mug-O-Month at Steve-O-Reno’s


I am so excited about Steve-O-Reno’s cafe initiative “Mug-O-Month”! It is an endeavor the fabulous Melissa Armburster, Stevo’s manager, and I cooked up a few months ago to offer local Nova Scotian potters the chance to feature work in the cafe and patrons the chance to have their gourmet brew in a beautiful hand crafted mug free of charge!

Steve-O-Reno’s is thrilled to have Chelsea Legge, AKA Slightly Irregular to the Mug-O-Month Mug Wall for the month of June, check out her mugs (seen above) while you can! Find her 4oz espresso cups, 10oz/12oz coffee mugs, tea cups, and saucers at Steve-O-Reno’s in Downtown Halifax (1536 Brunswick St.).Follow this artist on twitter &! — with Slightly Irregular at Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino.

Be sure to check out last month’s featured artist Miss Erin Robison, illustrator/ceramicist here: see her mugs and demitasse espresso above.

Remember that our goal with #MugOMonth is to get local pottery into people’s hands; we’re happy to serve your drink in one of these mugs!

If you are interested in a being a featured potter please feel free to contact me at any time. We’re booked up until January so inquire asap!

Exhibition/Gallery: Best Served Hot

The Magazine Fresh Cup had this little feature that caught my eye whilst I was having my morning joe!  Best Served Hot is The Lillstreet Gallery’s 6th Annual International. I’ve always thought that coffee is the modern mainstay of ceramics. Think of all those white heavy ceramic cast mugs millions of people pick up everyday (try not to think of all the paper ones) now think of the possibility of intervention that the potter could create. These folks are doing that! What can your coffee ritual coffee be with the handcrafted vessel?  Think of the two different scenarios the two photos in the article below evoke. Very different ones.. what an example of form follows function.. or rather function follows form!  (I think maybe we’re had it the wrong way around all along..)

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.44.08 AM

Best Served Hot

The Lillstreet Gallery has a superb web presence and represents amazing ceramic artists!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.48.47 AM

Add their blog to your reader it is a gem!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.39.45 AM

You are what you eat! Nerfee!

I was given two boxes of nerds the other day, for different people in different ways (one by mail, one by hand)! I also discovered a stash of individual instant coffee packets in the shed, alas my real beans were depleted weeks ago. For some reason they always end up next to eachother (in my belly!)

It is 8:59 PM and I think I may have to go to bed or I could have some….

Porn: Morning Blogging

An old plate by me and a mug by Gunda.

Porn: Pots I just can’t get enough of. This suggestion was given sarcastically (or perhaps in all seriousness)  by a friend when I asked what would keep him interested in my blog. Oddly enough he hit the nail on the head. Blogs need eye candy- appropriate organismically lush pots posted under this category!

Foodie: How to make a good latte…

I live with an industrial espresso maker.

It is certainly one of the perks of the move (oh there I go with the coffee puns again..). Needless to say my average weekly coffee intake has increased. I also have a rule that when asked out to coffee I can’t say no- equalling instant social interaction and a good strategy to get out of the studio. A friend of mine rang me the other day and asked if I had any good pictures of coffee, as she is doing a reasearch project on the average latte for school- she asked with a smirk for certain. I take a lot of pictures of food and subsequently coffee. I also worked on a coffee plantation in Columbia for a month this year (see some photos of the coffee harvest here). Where I would work in the mornings then like clockwork the rains would fall after the midday siesta, then we hike up the mountain to town and settle in at one of the cafes with 100-year-old coffee machines, this is me and the owner of my favorite, the green on the corner…

So I got some photos together from over the years….

Many of these are from Australia where I had to learn a whole new coffee lingo, do you know what a “flat white” is? Because I do, now.

Coffee is a huge industry and so as a potter I make mugs. Mugs to make your coffee better. Many cafe’s in the Kootenay area have small shelves selling local potter’s mugs. Last year I got onto Oso Negro’s wall for a month and sold out. The Frog Peak Cafe in the valley is selling my fellow potter Eryn’s mugs and may shortly be selling mine (I just have to make them first..). It is hard to grapple with being a potter in a recession when luxury craft items are more of a luxury but as much as local coffee sales are up and handcrafted mugs are on the scene I can sleep calmer at night….

Back to the espresso machine here are home. You see my brother talked my mom into getting it years ago, you see my bro is a bit of a coffee snob, some may say aficionado or some such label and so I know I make a sub par latte and have been told often (though I highly disagree), so does my mom. One day my mom gave my mom a two-hour intensive lesson on the art of the barista and so the other day I was relayed this lesson here are snapshots from that and you’ll be happy to know there are step by step instructions taped beside the espresso machine, just incase the lesson slips my mind:

Foodie: Show recipe I’ve cooked in the week and the picture of person enjoying it with beautiful ceramics.

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