Opportunity: ACC Potworks (Today is the Day!)

Potworks, Today is the Day

Deadline: July 25, 2013

Pottery is an integral part of human existence around the world. As long as 2,000 years ago pots were being made in Alberta. The province’s current clay scene features a rich array of classic, innovative and experimental work by studio potters, as well as prominent clay projects and educational programs.

This exhibition is looking for Alberta ceramic artists who create tableware or ceramic pieces related to cooking, dining and celebration. Work selected for this exhibition may include:

  • place settings
  • serving dishes
  • children’s sets
  • baking and cooking pieces (bean pot, tajine, casserole, etc.)
  • centerpieces
  • vases
  • candelabra
  • tea and other drinking sets

Potworks will run in the Alberta Craft Council’s Feature Gallery from October 5 – December 24, 2013.

Submission Contents:

  • Current CV
  • Artist Biography & Statement
  • 3 – 10 Images with Image List
  • High quality images of the work to be presented in the exhibition
  • High quality portrait of the artist (in the studio or against a neutral background)
  • The image list must include: title, year created, dimensions, materials and techniques

Submissions can be sent online, email or mail.
Online: www.albertacraft.ab.ca/calls-for-entry
Email: acc@albertacraft.ab.ca
Mail: Alberta Craft Council 10186-106 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 1H4

Opportunity/Issue: Alberta Craft Council

It is the time of year when I must take a look at what Councils and Guilds I belong to and see if renewing is right. It is always right with the Alberta Craft Council.  Have you checked out their website or actual shop and gallery in Edmonton? I suggest you do! Horray for craft infrastructure!

The catch is you have to USE the the guild or Council. Rock it, if you will. Read those emails, participate in those discussions. How is it best to do it? I reckon a weekly or bi-weekly session worked into your studio schedule. Saturday mornings perhaps?

Exhibition: In the Red

I was reading an publication the ACC puts out that comments on the happenings affliated with the Council. It talked about the falicies associated with Arts in Alberta. It talked about how the Arts are vital to a city to a community. It was the sort of article that made you want to be part of it all, to get involved. On my adventure across Canada I found myself eyeing up deserted little pieces of land that perhaps I could buy and make mine. I found myself asking about rent here and there. Wondering where I’d end up, reside, commit. The point is that craft needs support, in needs you.

We need to talk anout craft to shape it in managable little morseals that the everyday person can digest daily. Look at the craft around you. There is some where you least expect it.

Review: For the Love of Craft (last chance!)

When in Edmonton I went to the Alberta Craft Council and checked out this show. I of course bought a cup and meandered and gawked at all the Albertan talent in the gallery. I also took a non potter friend along who was a good sport. I love craft. I was going to apply for this show but couldn’t get it together way in Oz (I figured applying to one at the ACA was good enough… and I got that one WOot). Still, the submission requirements filled my heart full with the joy of craft. It was especially interesting to see what the artists selected chose to submit- their personal favorites. If you are in the area go to it.

The ACC also has a great pamphlet on galleries in Alberta and a website with maps etc! I used it in Edmonton- the perfect travel companion for any crafty!

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.