Montage: Sketchbook

My sketchbook has become an important physical way for me to work through ideas, an important venue in which to discover ideas. It is quite a personal endevor and I cringe at the thought of someone getting ahold of it. All the same you can have a peek. It is the uninhibited nature in which I approach the book that makes me meek in sharing. There is a lot of nonsense, a lot of nothing with in. It is this nonsense that is important to get out of one’s system as through it something worthwhile might surface.

Montage: A composition of the inspirations of the week. A purely graphic way of sharing snippets of influences.

Sketchbook: Be Like Water…

One of my most favorite parts of a tea room is the single scroll placed on the wall,

a tool used to focus and calm the drinker to keep them in the moment and appreciating.

Years ago, I started playing with the idea that the same could be present in my daily life.

Each week I observe a new sentiment when I drink my daily green tea to calm and focus.

Sketchbook: Thai Head Dress

Dearest Sketchbook, Let’s go on dates everyday! Our relationship has been on the rocks these last few months. Life has been eating up all my spare time. But, I am ready now. Ready to start when we left off to commit for the long hall.

This Thai head dress is one that I pulled my lost love of a sketchbook for at the San Francisco   Asian Art Museum! If only I had it for new years!