Artist: Jenn Demke-Lange

I have had a prolonged pottery crush on Jenn Demke-Lange. About year ago I posted about her asking if anyone had more information on her work, as I had purchased two wee mugs from the Alberta Craft Council Gallery and was in love with what they added to my esspresso and almond milk mornings. I was also intrigued with then having “Canada” inscribed on the bottom. I later learned on a visit to Medalta (a Canadian clay mecca, see Medalta post for more) that this was because of her participation in a International Craft Biennale as opposed to her own predetermined prerogative (it is an interesting forced predicament of patriotism that intrigues me.) Since that post a year ago both of her wee mugs have hit the dust due to moving and clumsiness. Potters can be the most brutish owners of vessels- use the darned things!  Now and then I long for them. The happy news is that there is a website up and running where we may ogle new her work: It is a lovely one at that complete with layered and evolving triangles. I am a sucker for a bright off-color triangle…

 I am therefore very pleased at the current trend of such brightgeo motifs and happy Jenn had the foresight to refine and explore the movement. Let’s take a look at some of her work shall we?

Also just a reminder, if you make nice work you are bound to be someone’s desktop or screensaver at some point… possibly the geekiest from of flattery out there! This is currently mine.

And frankly any gal with such an entertaining complied vimeo video gets my vote (Though you almost lost me with that MIA track):

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