Issue/Montage: Congratulate yourself!

I ran away from the studio almost a four months ago now. In a rush I sanded and packed and ferried work to some galleries. Then I re-packed and began the Canadian Art tour, returned, unpacked and packed once again. Again. Off to Northern Alberta, again. I spent most of the precious winter hours of light happily in my windowless basement studio, what seems like ages ago. Basically, five months past of intense work and it was time for me to leave. What did I have in the end? Pottery that I was quite happy with (though not many people knew I was making it or had ever seen it). So, I decided a potluck was needed.  I reckon that we don’t congratulate ourselves or each other enough. All my steps are baby steps. Are not yours? So good job you! In Australia they say “well done” a lot. It is just a common phrase. I couldn’t help but take it to heart. The last time I was told well done in North America was on a grade school homework assignment and even then it wasn’t verbal recognition!  I think it, all of it, especially the little its are cause for congratulations. Well done! In a photo shoot I am shamelessly posting on here (sorry girls), my cohorts Anna and Shannon tell me well done in their own special way. Recently I have had to dig into the past and conjure up decent photos for proposals galore, proposals a many. I came across the long forgotten photos of the end of winter potluck to showcase my winter pottery… so more on that in the next post! Weren’t you wondering what the heck I was up to?

2 thoughts on “Issue/Montage: Congratulate yourself!

  1. shannon says:

    Oh wow! What a treat to see myself through someone else’s eyes — both yours, Bridget as photographer, and Anna’s amused horror to find herself sitting that close. Hey, wait! Wasn’t this right after that gold wine? What was that again? It obviously had it’s effect on me!

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