Sketchbook: ANU Soda Kiln

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I went to Australia to soda fire. The scans from my sketchbook to the left show my diagrams of the ANU soda (downdraft) kiln, a little old beast that faired us well, aptly named Brighid!  The photo’s up top are of the firings we did over a four-month period! They give you an idea of what is involved.

The arrow in the side view picture indicates the flow of flame and soda in the kiln and through the pots. For a quick explanation of how soda firing works check out this blog posting.

All of this week’s posts have to do with soda firing and kilns. It is a  long overdue. I am obsessed with soda firing, the possibilities are endless and the intimate way of firing is something I have long wanted to experience.

This summer I built a woodfired soda kiln! A pretty audacious undertaking and something I hope to do many many many times in the future. If you know anyone that needs help taking down, moving around and building kilns in the Kootenays (or further) I am so eager and willing to help.  Kiln building is just the sort of thing you need to jump into and learn as you go! I hope you enjoy this week’s posts. I know I will. Kilns can be seemingly mysterious but they aren’t!

Talk about kilns has been a long time coming on the blog. It may not seem the  average Joe’s interest but give this week’s posts a read please. You’ll be surprised what you learn! Firing ceramics is “like painting with fire” and it is too true. Just imagine.

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